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Colour photographs were taken in June 2003

Armandos_Hotel_1.JPG (26193 bytes)    Armandos_Hotel_2.JPG (27481 bytes)    Badia_1.JPG (21325 bytes)    Badia_2.JPG (22379 bytes)    Badia_3.JPG (17390 bytes)    Badia_Prison_2.JPG (18168 bytes)

Hotel  Armando's x 2-------------------------->      Badia x 3------------------------------------------------------------------------>       Badia Prison

Prison_officers_training_centre_1.JPG (26975 bytes)    Prison_officers_training_centre_3.JPG (13896 bytes)    Fonte_dAmore_shop.JPG (17769 bytes)    Morroneze_Abbey_1.JPG (22932 bytes)    Monte_Morrone_1.JPG (16974 bytes)    Partisans_memorial_1.JPG (23323 bytes)

Prison officers' training centre x 2                   Fonte d'Amore shop    Morronese abbey        Monte Morrone            Partisan's memorial

Main_Entrance.JPG (15391 bytes)    Watchtower_5.JPG (12059 bytes)    Watchtower_1.JPG (18673 bytes)    Watchtower_2.JPG (16207 bytes)    Watchtower_4.JPG (22009 bytes)    Guardroom.JPG (16911 bytes)

Main Entrance              Watchtowers x 4-------------------------------------------------------------->     Sentry boxes and...     guard room

Perimeter_Fence_5.JPG (22790 bytes)    Perimeter_Fence_1.JPG (21212 bytes)    Perimeter_Fence_2.JPG (18775 bytes)    Perimeter_Fence_3.JPG (14739 bytes)    Perimeter_Fence_4.JPG (23333 bytes)    Watchtower_3.JPG (20180 bytes)

Perimeter fence x 6:  now keeping people out of the abandoned army camp rather than keeping PoW in--------------------------------->

Quarry_behind_camp_1.JPG (20262 bytes)    Quarry_beehives.JPG (22307 bytes)    Quarry_behind_camp_2.JPG (22311 bytes)    Ruin_behind_camp_3.JPG (22327 bytes)    Ruin_behind_camp_1.JPG (23705 bytes)    Ruin_behind_camp_2.JPG (21730 bytes)

Behind the camp: a quarry (with beehives)-------------------------->      and several ruined buildings from another age----------------------->

Huts_2.JPG (17474 bytes)    Huts_1.JPG (16659 bytes)    Huts_3.JPG (21713 bytes)    Huts_4.JPG (21769 bytes)    Huts_5.JPG (25687 bytes)    Sulmona_from_camp.JPG (18205 bytes)

Camp huts x 6----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------->

These 12 pictures courtesy of Graham Howard whose father was also a "guest" of Campo 78

Admin_block__guards_qtrs.jpg (27970 bytes)    Compound_no_2_1.jpg (16788 bytes)    Compound_no_2_2.jpg (22743 bytes)    Games_Pitch.jpg (24410 bytes)    Inside_Entrance.jpg (22421 bytes)    Interior_hut_100.jpg (19075 bytes)

Admin block                  Compound no  2           Compound no 2            Sports pitch                  Just inside the              Interior of  
& guards' qtrs                towards Badia               towards Mt Morrone                                            entrance                       hut 100

Latrines_view_to_Badia.jpg (13722 bytes)    Monte_Morrone.jpg (18572 bytes)    Officers_compound.jpg (43928 bytes)    Overview_BW.jpg (46773 bytes)    PoW_Huts.jpg (26474 bytes)    Overview_colour_early_70s.jpg (25811 bytes)

Latrines with                 Monte Morrone             Officers' compound    Camp overview             PoW huts                       Camp overview
view to Badia                                                                                                 from Monte Morrone                                            in early 1970s

A visit to the camp by the bishop of Sulmona, Monsignor Luciano Marcante. To view more pictures from this series click: here

Bishops_visit_1.jpg (15233 bytes)    Bishops_visit_3.jpg (15036 bytes)    Bishops_visit_4.jpg (13048 bytes)    Bishops_visit_5.jpg (41742 bytes)    Bishops_visit_6.jpg (44052 bytes)    Bishops_visit_7.jpg (36848 bytes)

A visit to the camp by the bishop of Sulmona, Monsignor Luciano Marcante ------------------------------------------------------------------------->


Tom_Johnson_in_uniform.jpg (23573 bytes)    PG_78_camp_plan.jpg (73518 bytes)    Christmas_card_1941.jpg (41223 bytes)    Postcard_from_PG78.jpg (30730 bytes)    Sulmona_area_map_edit.JPG (58592 bytes)

Tom Johnson pre-war     Camp 78 plan            Christmas card 1941     Post card Oct 1942       Sulmona area map
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