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To my guide to visiting prisoner of war camp

Campo No.78, Sulmona, Italy 

Also my guides to visiting two German camps:

Stalag IV-B, Muhlberg & 

Stalag IV-D, Torgau

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The latest addition to the site is a unique list of many of the work camps (Arbeitskommandos) which were supplied with labour from Stalag IV-D (Torgau).  Click here to go straight to the list (920KB).

Latest update 11 February 2011: Changes to the "Sources & Links" page particularly concerning how to get copies of German PoW Record Cards (if they still exist). These are no longer available free from the Service Personnel & Veterans Agency but now have to be be requested when applying for Service Records (from the MOD website). NB the procedure for this has also changed eg copy death certificates required but the fee remains the same at 30.  See full details and working links on the "Sources & Links" page.

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